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"DROUYN (aka DROUYN and FRIENDS) is a cult Australian 1974 surf movie directed by Bob Evans and filmed on location around the world over an 8-month period.
The soundtrack featured music from Peter Martin (of the group SCRA) and also the hard rock group FINCH. Martin's contributions, both songs and instrumental pieces, are richly orchestrated, using a wide variety of wind instruments, keyboards and strings (shamisen on one track!), with an intelligently funky, mellow & exotic feel, pleasantly smooth with strong melodies and clever arrangements. Nearly every song on the album blends into each-another, almost like a mix-tape(!). The three offerings from Finch (AC/DC bassist Mark Evans was a one-time member) are solid rockers with classic guitar playing and a solid bass sound. You'll feel your hair grow !".
Notes by Peter Martin & Stephen McParland

Here is a track involved some unison scoring of the ARP synthesizer with the brass and saxophones.
Totally "out of cliché" surf music...

Peter Martin & Finch_1 & I