summer mixtape

Amazing short multidimensional mix by our guest Ahmede Mancha aka Dj Spanky.
28:30 mxtp = Arthur Brooks Ensemble, Athon, Broadcast, Bruno Spoerri, Catharsis, Dee D.Jackson, Duncan Brown, Ennio Morricone, Des Espaces Dynamiques, Gerard Calvi, Hot Blood, Jay Chattaway, Jesus or John or Paul, Me (from Bristol), Michel Legrand, Mid Day Rain, Nino Ferrer, reversed Noëlle Cordier, Svarghi, sea & boats sounds, Slogan + Deadlock + Holy Grail short cuts, The Cure, The Vampires of Dartmoore, Two Lone Swordsmen, Voyagers of Icarie, well-know "Doors & Beatles"...

28:30 mxtp