molle K7 mix

Ahmede (Tahiti 80 boy) gets a cassette player for his new van...

-Georges Garvarentz_première rencontre
-Maulawi_street rap
-Mulatu Astatqé_yègellé tezeta
-Make Up_white belts
-Stewie Wonder_do yourself a favor
-The Turtles_I’m chief kamanawanalea (we’re the royal macadamia nuts)
-Matmos_yield to total elation
-Juantrip_shadows (lov. & charlie ride mix)
-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young_our house
…with a little help from Jason Havelock, Tom Zé, St George, Frank Zappa, Funkadelic and Kim Fowley.

Ahmede_molle K7 mix